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'You Are So Full of Yourself!'

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Has anyone ever made this proclamation over you? I definitely have been given the stamp of being 'full of myself' more than a few times in my life. It usually came as a rebuff by a frustrated partner or from a coworker as their lips dripped with the abrasive tone of disdain. Even growing up in the church, I remember being warned against 'thinking too highly of myself'. So yes, I have heard it more than a few time for sure.

This phrase, 'full of yourself', implies a negative connotation that you rank yourself superior to others in your actions and thoughts. Prideful, insensitive and arrogant are other terms that usually flow synonymously. So in an effort to keep equal balance to my beliefs, I took the time to ponder if maybe...just maybe...these people who felt themselves worthy to judge my character had a valid point in their claim. Am I really 'full of myself'? Do I think more highly than I should of the abilities, talents and gifts that I lavish upon the those in my presence? Does feeling like I bring light to whatever I am involved in mean that I am dimming the light of someone else? Does believing in my opinion, which may be different from my professional counterparts, deem their opinion insignificant? If, like me, you answered no to the above questions, then I believe we both have been characterized incorrectly.

Here is what I know for fact about myself: I am confident, strong, intelligent, loving, assertive, self-caring and respectful. Do I have shortcomings? Absolutely...the epitome of perfectly imperfect. But in the midst of those shortcomings, I understand revealing my true identity, which includes both positive traits and areas of improvement, to others openly and unashamed, gives them the power to claim and walk in their greatness as well. One of my favorite quotes by Marianne Williamson says, 'Your playing small does not serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.' I believe that wholeheartedly! If I contain the goodness that was endowed upon me graciously, how can I help someone else? It's only when my cup is full and overflowing, that I can pour into others.

Oh my dear reader, please don't allow anyone to cause you to dim your shine with words that reflect possibly their own internal issues with you...or even issues they have within themselves. Use the very moment that you are told 'You are so full of yourself' to proclaim, 'Yes, I am full of myself. I'm full of love! Full of determination to make myself better daily. Full of the belief that my future is bright and beautiful and my present is just a stepping stone in that forward movement. Full of acceptance of myself and others. Full of purpose! Full of becoming all that I was destined to be upon birth! And since I am so FULL, I freely give a portion of my abundance to you!'


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