• Essence Of Oshun

It's Not You, It's Me

It's me that knows my true value and worth.

It's me that knows real manhood isn't determined by your girth.

It's me that refuses to settle for the bare minimum that you think is enough to provide.

It's me that knows love is not an emotionally manipulative roller coaster ride.

It's me that knows the difference between an explanation and an excuse.

It's me that knows my body should not be touched out of anger or just to be used.

It's me that knows the essence of my being is irreplaceable.

It's me that's tired of your whereabouts that continue to be untraceable.

It's me who believes that I am worthy of all I desire.

It's me that gave you my time and affection like an unquenchable fire.

It's me that knows a person won't take time away from someone they love and fear losing.

It's me that realized I am the prize and I do the choosing.

It's me that knows what you promise you should do...your word is your only bond.

It's me that knows my heart should be honored and loved, not disregarded and pawned.

It's me that's not afraid to walk away and be free.

In case you need clarity, it's not you because this time, I choose me.

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