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Good morning?

Dear EOO, I've been dating this guy for 8 months.  Things were going well until we got into our first argument.  I will admit that I got pretty angry and punched him in his chest.  After calming down, I apologized and we talked out the issue...or so I thought.  Since that day, he will not answer my calls.  He will only text 'Good morning' everyday but nothing else.  What does this mean?  Morning Blues

Dear Morning Blues, here's the deal: violence is a no-no.  Let's think about it like this...what if he would have gotten angry during the argument and punched you in your chest?  Where would you stand with the relationship today?  Nine times out of ten, it would be over.  Now back to reality, apply the same results.  Your man is not your punching bag, even if you're angry.

But you asked the meaning of the 'good morning' text.  It could mean one of two things; he needs time to think but wants to keep the connection for his return, or it could be his soft way out of the relationship.  My advice would be assess your own feelings.  If you're ok with waiting on him, then wait until he is open to call or answer your call.  Be aware though that this may never come.  If you aren't willing to wait, then kindly let him know you don't need the morning text anymore and move on.  All the best!


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